November 16, 2008


“Tremblant’s Daily Honest Snow Report” 30Oct08 w/vid,pics

October 31, 2008

Well folks the mountain resort finally got power back this afternoon from this storm. Some small village’s in the area will still be without power untill Saturday maybe. But man it was beautiful today. And yes there were plenty of people playing in the snow. We all will be soon, so enjoy the pictures from Today.

JB007 😎

The new http://www.tremblantsnowreport.ca blog will be up soon

“Tremblant’s Daily Honest Snow Report” 29Oct08 w/videos,pictures

October 29, 2008

Well folks that storm hit us good. I mean really good. Trees are down everywhere. Power lines are still be repaired as I type. Oh and it is still snowing. Enjoy the pics and videos from Driving around today.

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“Tremblant’s Daily Honest Snow Report” 27Oct08 w/vids,pics

October 29, 2008

Picture of the Mountain Ski Village. 8pm

Boy folks what a day. Snow started flying about 4pm. It’s coming down wet and hard right now. High winds. There is already 3″ of snow on the ground. Should be another 10″ by morning the way things are going.

Video of walking around. Wind was blowing me sideways it was so strong.

Now mind you on the photo’s used I did not use a flash and the snow was coming so hard it got in the lense a bit.

4pm today next to the Gym

The first round about going to the mtn at 7pm


October 28, 2008

Oh my gosh people we are about to get slammed and it is not even November yet. Hopefully I will have some skiing video for you guys really soon.

Nelly O’Conners Annual Golf Tournament. Snow next week!

September 27, 2008

Boy what a great day for golf at Geant Golf course on “Nelly O’Conner’s Annual Golf Tournament. Temps in the 70’s with a light wind. The list was full of locals and businessman from all over.

We started the day at Geant.

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TREMBLANTS DAILY HONEST SNOW REPORT” Lost vid from “Ride Guide TV” filming

September 24, 2008

Late last March we did some filming for Ride Guide TV. The conditions were not the greatest. We got rain and then the quick freeze with a dusting of snow afterwards.

These videos will give you guys an insight into all that goes into making a ski tv show.

Most of the filming I took them into “Simon Cooper” the trail that ITW got rid of 3 years ago. LOL

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Fall Colors are just stunning.

September 22, 2008

Ok first I’ll take care of some parking questions I am receiving about the fall colors. Parking is $10 in lot’s 2-6, and $15 in lot 1 during the fall colors FYI

Temps are starting to drop here. It hasn’t gotten above 55F all day long. Crystal Clear Bluebird sky’s.

I will be taking photos each day as the leaf’s change so you can see the progress.

Hey Ski season is almost here. Do you have your gear ready yet?

Well I’m off to train so I can provide TREMBLANT’S DAILY HONEST SNOW REPORT w/Videos


Fall colors are changing already

September 18, 2008

Boy what a fantastic beautiful day. The leaves are changing early this year, so if you want to look you better make your reservations.

Actually they are early. We are going to have a great ski season.

T-pack ski passes are on sale now. Everyone can buy them. go to http://www.tremblant.ca for details.

Nelly O’Conner’s “OPEN MIC NIGHT” with “Big Jim and the Bubbles”

July 31, 2008

Every Wed “Nelly O’Conner’s” Authentic Irish Pub has open mic night with Big Jim seen in this picture singing.

And folks this band rocks. Blues, soul, R&B, rock, motown you name it they can play it. Best guys here IMHO. So swing on by Nelly’s and get a pint and watch some great music. Oh and admission is free